Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (Iron/Fuchsia)



Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

Treat yourself like royalty with this fountain of youth for your hair! Philip B’s Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo is recognized as the best of the best by Vogue magazines internationally and this multiple-award-winning shampoo continues to wow the world.

The Perfectly Lighted Vanity Mirror

  • Tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight – twice as bright and more color-correct than the next best.
  • Use the simplehuman mirror app to capture light settings from the world around you and accurately recreate them in the mirror.
  • Automatically lights up as your face approaches.
  • Long-lasting surgical-grade LED lighting.
  • Cordless and rechargeable with one charge lasting up to 3 weeks.

Travel Sensor Mirror With Case For Storing


Always see yourself in the best light while traveling or on vacation. Under the wrong lighting, makeup colors can fool you and in the dimly lit hotel room you will have something to rely on knowing that you can look your best at all times. This mirror will never lie to you.

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